This page is for sharing outdoor experiences, and we would be remiss if we didn't take the opportunity to first mention local hiking guru, the late Jerry Schad.

San Diego hikers sorely miss Jerry, author of the highly-regarded Afoot and Afield books - one of which was Afoot and Afield:San Diego County first published in 1986. Schad wrote sixteen books and was also a professor of physical science and astronomy at San Diego Mesa College. Quoted once by the LA Times, Schad revealed,

"I run through the boring parts and walk through the interesting ones." 

The secret out to those of us who still have dirty, dog-eared, torn and tattered copies of Schad's hiking bible, it seemed Jerry must have walked a lifetime to fill these books. And his revelation in no way diminishes the effort.

In almost thirty years I have yet to conquer quite all of his trails. But there's comfort seeing the worn copy on a shelf, knowing the next journey is a mere turn-of-a-page away. Unable to stay longer to share further discoveries, Jerry died from kidney cancer in San Diego in 2011. No one has since been able to proverbially fill his hiking boots, to pick up where he left off and help us discover new footpaths that comprise a whole new universe of exploration for San Diego camping, hiking and biking enthusiasts.

Who's the next Jerry Schad? Who will step in where he left off?